A Guide to Picking Out the Best Ultra Triathlon Running Shoes

When you compete in a triathlon you have three main tasks: swimming, running and biking. An ultra triathlon is a long distance triathlon, therefore far more challenging than a regular triathlon. As an ultra triathlon athlete, you’re putting in even more work and put under even more pressure. Every ultra-triathlon event includes 2.4 miles (3.86 km) of swimming, 112 miles (180.25 km) of cycling, and a full marathon (26.2 mi or 42.2 km) of running.

The running portion of the competition is extra challenging. For the running part of the triathlon, you must run for at least 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers. This means hours of work is put in before the big event. Runners must have the mental prowess to be able to commit to such a task. The last thing you want to happen as a runner is to be slowed down by your running shoes.

Why picking out good running shoes is important

Picking out the right running shoe is extremely important for all runners, but especially for triathlon runners who will be running for prolonged periods. The right pair of running shoes can not only help you race faster, they can help prevent injuries. Similar to how a pencil is the perfect tool for jotting down ideas, running shoes are the perfect tool for runners to complete their task. Besides protecting our feet, the right pair of running shoes help you run with proper form, they build your lower leg strength, and they can reduce the amount of stress that your feet experience. Most coaches will tell you that finding the perfect pair of shoes can make or break a runner.

What to look for in running shoes

We have put together a guide on what to look for when you’re out shopping for for the perfect pair of running shoes.


Different runners prefer different kinds of shoes. Some prefer minimal support while others prefer shoes that offer a lot of support for the bottom of the foot and the heel. Ultimately as a runner, you need to find a pair of shoes that has the perfect fit for you. To do that you need to look out for two things. First of all, you need to make sure the shoe feels good when you’re running in them. When you’re at the shoe store, make sure you test out the shoes for a few minutes minimum. The second thing to look out for is if the shoes fit. Do they feel clunky? Are they putting stress on your feet? If you feel any of those things, it’s time to try the next pair of shoes. When looking for ultra triathlon running shoes, fit is extremely important.

Ensure proper running form

When buying ultra triathlon running shoes, you want to find shoes that help support your running form. Shoes that have a heel to toe drop of less than 6mm can prevent over-striding or landing on the heel aggressively.

Building foot and lower leg strength

If you’re training for an ultra triathlon, you want to make sure you’re building up your lower leg strength. Shoes with less heel to toe drop can help build your lower leg and foot strength.


Shoes with extra cushioning help your feet recover from any stress they may encounter. When you’re doing a long run and need to focus on recovery, try looking for a shoe with extra cushioning.

Look for shoes that provide various benefits. This will help you build your foot strength, prevent injury and ensure proper recovery, and ultimately help you become a better runner.